Mono means single or one and Basic concept of the software is that everything is order in a same or single line. It is referred to the straight line or the single leg MLM plan. The mono line MLM software is one of the trendy and the best MLM software plan ever. Mono line plan considered as most of the influential MLM plans for network marketers who are searching forward to an excellent growth in MLM business. It is an attractive plan with no mandatory level of the compensation plan to work.

Timing is very important for this plan as it's based on First Come First Serve. The system is especially with trunky solutions for home based business and provides opportunities to make regular income online.

The plan allow existing user to make money from every new user without doing any hard work. The main key of this plan is relate to falling in the same mono line and pretending to fall in the same mono or single line MLM plan. That is the reason why this plan has become really favourite among the MLM companies. The plan is also considered as the most effective MLM plan in compare of others. Important thing about this plan is it is related to forced matrix plan. The plan is also give you chance to get paid every time any new member joins the network.


The plan which contains only leg for every member. It allow user to earn money without doing much hard work or efforts. Also offered to get John's regular income through internet AKA network. When the user added in certain numbers, then you will also get the free entry option and this will repeat as a cycle so that user will be getting a regular income without doing so much hard work.


The compensations are different from the organisation to organisation. The organisation need to define their compensation plan based on their policy and the area of operation. As a reliable provider of donation software system, SIMRAS Technologies provide a wide range of plans. We design highly configurable and flexible plans to cover all the recommendation fulfil all types of organisation needs.


Mono line MLM plan is also has referral or sponsor bonus option when user refer another member then she or he will get automatically certain amount of bonus. In this way user can refer unlimited member and gain the unlimited bonus. The best way to earn money without doing too much hard work.


Rejoin bonus is a special type of bonus which is only offered in single line MLM plan. In this plan user will be getting a bonus while Dairy enter or back into the system. Moreover the user gets many re-entry bonuses when the system grows-on.


Mono line MLM plan also has matching bonus. In simple word. The user get bonus like referral bonus or re-join bonus, he or she sponsor will be also getting the same bonus at the same time and this kind of bonus is known as matching bonus