Generation plan is known as the compensation plan based on purely product selling. With plan and also named as gap commission plan for the purchase of plan. It is a motivational product selling MLM plan where every affiliated promote the downline to the sale of the products and also get bonuses and benefits on particular goal achievement.

MLM generation plan page in need to the company that are the manufacturer of the consumable products. In current competitive market, the manufacturer required to promote indifferent medium modes.

But according to the idea of the generation MLM Generation reward plan, there is no need of spending money on different advertisement place as this MLM plan is totally based on the concept of mouth marketing and a group of affiliates or affiliates.


One of the best advertising or MLM plan that matched with e-commerce business as there are many operators working on the network founding from several parts of the world. As the transfer system keeps on enhancing and increasing, so will be the member network and it follows up an endless construction.

The plan suggests numerous levels of generation based on the group separated by means of organizational regulations. If the network contains of 1000 associates then, the association can classify them into four generation where each level get many compensations. Suppose the top level be the first generation, they will get a 15% income and the next 10% and so on. This innocently depends on the structural rules and rules set up by the boarding of members.


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